Welcome to the Century America Project
It seemed the whole world had erupted into war in 1914. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson promised neutrality. But by 1917, America had joined the Allied forces abroad, and the distant war in Europe was now quite close to home.

Campus, Community, and the Great War

Century America is a digital history project created by undergraduate students from nine COPLAC schools.

The Century America project chronicles the impact of the Great War on nine colleges and their towns across the United States. Their experiences looked as different as their communities, but each felt the effects of the war. With loved ones gone to fight, rations and food shortages, and the crippling Spanish Influenza that followed the soldiers back in 1918, Americans felt the Great War back home just as they did in the trenches abroad.

Explore the nine schools of the Century America project, as well as their surrounding communities, through the map above.